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Founder Paul A. Hundt entered the financial services business when he joined a large national brokerage firm in December 1969. Paul soon learned that serious investors are primarily interested in achieving their specified goals, usually including financial independence and often college education of their children, shorter term consumption objectives, and other goals.

Accordingly, each client of Hundt Financial is initially carefully interviewed about their finances and aspirations before any discussion of financial recommendations. After a financial plan is written and explained to the client, implementation can begin and is then completed by Hundt Financial.

Hundt Financial has written and updated thousands of plans since 1973. Over the years, Hundt Finncial has gained broad experience servicing our clients, an important resource we can now share with all clients, new and established, alike.

Paul entered the profession in 1973, when professional financial planning services were a new idea, because he deeply believed in the wisdom of personal financial planning and continues to believe it’s the best way for people to be more confident of one day achieving his or her financial goals.