In the investment planning process, we begin by focusing on your unique situation and goals, risk tolerance, and income tax considerations. Next, we seek to diversify investment assets into different asset categories.

Retirement planning

Based upon the amount of retirement income desired, we develop an investment plan that takes into consideration your risk tolerance, inflation, and tax planning needs. Our objective is to help you obtain the financial independence desired during retirement while assisting in enhancing return and protecting capital.

Tax planning

In the tax area, we study your present situation and your projected tax burden. We then employ tax-saving procedures that may help reduce your tax burden as well as defer some of the taxes to later years, if this is in your best interest. As your situation dictates, we work closely with your accountant or tax preparer and his/her analysis to help coordinate your overall tax planning efforts.

Educational planning

We assist you in planning for these future outlays by analyzing your overall financial picture and identifying resources to use for this purpose. Our analysis will determine appropriate amounts to set aside each year to fund your children's education and the benefits to help meet this goal. We seek tax favored techniques whenever possible, including UTMAs, Education IRAs, and other arrangements.

We provide help in the following areas:


  • Annuities
  • Fixed
  • Variable
  • SEP
  • IRAs
  • Education
  • Roth
  • Traditional


  • Life
  • Long-Term Care

We have a knowledgeable financial advisor who will help in:

  • Money management
  • Retirement plans
  • 401(k) planning
  • Money purchasing plan
  • Profit sharing plan
  • Estate planning
  • Financial planning
  • Tax planning
  • College planning
  • 403(b) planning

Services include:

  • Personal financial planning/recommendations
  • Retirement/Estate planning
  • Monitoring and tracking of results
  • Quarterly review of investments through us and of your updated financial statement
  • Seminars
  • Biannual client appreciation events
  • Phone or office visits to us whenever desired after setting appointment time

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